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2023-06-28 07:50 am
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A Level certificates are used by many universities and training courses around the world for entrance examination. Participants are usually students aged 17 to 18. Please refer to the A Level exam preparation materials and experiences to prepare well for the exam.

Why should you get an A Level certificate?

An A Level certificate gives you many opportunities and privileges such as:

  • When you have an A Level certificate, you can be admitted to prestigious universities both at home and abroad.
  • Provide knowledge so that you can apply for major positions in enterprises.
  • Helping you navigate your future career and development.
  • Explore interesting, engaging subjects.

It can be said that by achieving an A Level certificate, you will be able to access the best opportunities for personal development. In addition, A Level certification will save you a lot of time and effort to find the ideal job.

tai lieu on thi A Level

Why should you get an A Level certificate?

Information about A Level certificates

If you are interested in A Level certification, please refer to the following information immediately.

Examination Board

In the UK, the A level exam is organized and marked by a British government board. The examination committee will design the curriculum, prepare and administer the test, and issue certificates and rewards. In addition, there are boards that organize exams and award degrees including:

  • Cambridge International Examinations or Cambridge Assessment International Education – CAIE of the University of Cambridge. This is the most prestigious university in the UK. A-Level degrees issued by the Cambridge exam board are accepted by universities and educational institutions around the world.
  • Edexcel Examination Board: This is the largest A Level testing and certification site in the UK. The exam here is overseen by the National Qualifications & Training Authority (QCA), the government body responsible for overseeing, coordinating and developing education in the UK.
  • Oxford AQA: or Previously, Assessment and Qualifications Alliance is the largest examination body for GCSEs and GCE A Levels in the UK.

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A Level Certification Exam Board

Exam fee

There are different fees for each subject. It will fluctuate around 8,000,000 – 14,000,000 VND/subject. Candidates and interested persons can contact British Council Vietnam – British Council Vietnam for more details.

Exam time

The A Level exam takes place in May/June and October-November each year. The test will be graded by Cambridge Assessment International Education and returned in August and January.

For candidates of the A-Level program at schools licensed by Cambridge, the school will be responsible for organizing the exam. The school will then send the test to the Cambridge Examinations Board. CAIE will return the results to the school and the school will notify each Student.

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Time to take the A Level certification exam

Point ladder

The A Level examination unit will use the Percentage Uniform Mark (PUM) grading system. This scale will be converted from the actual test scores with the score spectrum that Cambridge offers for each grade in each exam…. Regulations on the grading system and score conversion will ensure fairness in scores in case the exam questions of the years have difficulty differences.

In addition, the A Level exam also uses the PUM scale. According to PUM, grades are ranked from high to low. Specifically, from A* (A-star) to E. With AS Level, there will be no A*.

Please refer to the score conversion table below:

  • A* =  90-100
  • A = 80-89
  • B = 70-79
  • C = 60-69
  • D = 50-59
  • E = 40-49

With the Cambridge AS Level certificate, the examination board will use the PUM score spectrum for the highest grade A from 80–100. To be able to increase your chances of getting into the top universities in the world, candidates need to get a grade of B or higher.

tai xuong 6

A-Level exam grading scale

Summary of A Level exam preparation materials for each subject

You can refer to the materials on websites that support learning materials such as Papacambridge, Kahoot,… Each subject will have different materials to supplement the necessary knowledge. Please refer to the following information for details.

Study materials for the A Level exam in Business (Business)

Đối với môn toán bạn có thể tham khảo 4 tài liệu sau đây:  AS and A-level Business – AQA Complete Revision & Practice (Online Edition), AS and A-level Business – Edexcel Complete Revision & Practice (Online Edition), Essential Math Skills for AS/A-level Business (Essential Math Skills), Exam Success in Business for Cambridge AS & A-level. 

Study materials for the A Level exam in Mathematics

For math, you can refer to the following 10 documents: Additional Mathematics Paper, Mathematics-C A-level Theory & Equations, Mathematics (Syllabus C) Yearly 1990-20 A-level, Mathematics – The Core Course for A- , College Mathematics Syllabus C, A Concise Course in Advanced Level Statistics, Core Math for Advanced Level, Edexcel Further Pure Mathematics, Edexcel Statistics 2, Edexcel Core Mathematics 1-2-3-4.

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Study materials for the A Level exam in Mathematics

A Level Exam Preparation Materials for Physics

Refer to the following 6 Physics A Level exam preparation materials: Science (Physics), Physics A-level, Understanding Physics for Advanced Level, Advanced Physics (K. Gibbs), Advanced Level Physics, Advanced Physics.

tai xuong 8

A Level Exam Preparation Materials for Physics

Chemistry A Level Exam Preparation Materials

Refer to the following 5 Chemistry A Level exam preparation materials: Organic Chemistry, Introduction to Physical Chemistry, Modern Inorganic Chemistry, Edexcel A2 Chemistry Students Book, Edexcel AS Chemistry Students Book.

tai xuong 9

Chemistry A Level Exam Preparation Materials

Biology A Level exam preparation materials

For Biology you can refer to the following 2 documents: Edexcel A2 Biology Students Book, Edexcel AS Biology Students Book.

Experience in taking the A Level exam

To have an effective exam, you need to refer to the following valuable experiences:

Improve English

The most proficient English skills are Listening – Speaking – Reading – Writing skills that will help you read, understand and study A Level exam preparation materials. This is a necessary skill to help you successfully complete the A-Level test.

Focus on class time

Try and stay focused during each class because the teacher can immediately help answer concepts or parts that you don’t understand, making homework easier.

Boldly ask for help

For exams that require support from teachers and friends, you should boldly ask for help. Always ask questions with problems you do not understand to understand and take the exam better.


Create a weekly/monthly schedule of to-dos to keep track of the goals you set. Take a few minutes every morning to list the things you need to do today.

Solve the exam questions of previous years

When self-studying A Level, students are not allowed to duplicate their learning and solving old problems of previous years. Through regular problem solving, students become familiar with the structure of the exam, how to make the exam, psychological pressure, and time pressure. Candidates will have a sense of orientation to review, stick to the structure of the topic, allocate time for each part, and overcome psychological barriers.

Check out the courses at the centers

Currently, there are many tutoring centers specializing in preparing knowledge for international academic exams. There are tutors with many years of experience and they know the structure and focus of knowledge you need to get a good score. If you do not know where to review from, you can refer to these tutoring centers.

tai xuong 10

Experience in taking the A Level exam


The article has provided a list of A Level exam preparation materials for each subject. In addition, through the article you will know more experiences to get the best exam results. Hope the above information will help you get the desired results.

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