The precious praises

21/12/2016 | 960 lượt xem

You’ll never know how valuable your praises are to the children. As parents, you only need to praise your kids when they behave well, study hard, or just simply when they act politely to elders. As teachers, we praise our students when they enthusiastically contribute to the lessons, when they dare to confidently express their opinions. The answer may be right, may be wrong, but the encouragement from us will be the huge mental inspiration to the students who are still full of confusion but eager to learn.


Teacher Damian with students of class Pilot 010. Photo: Westminster Academy.

At 1, our teachers always have a habit of immediately giving praises to students. When they raise their hands to speak, express positive attitude in class, or ask curious questions, the teachers will say “Good job!”, “Well done!”, “You did great!”.

The parents may be very envy with the teachers of 1, because we’ve been able to see the children’s bright faces, as well as the shining eyes with joy every time they get praised. It’s indeed a reward for people who work in educating field.

1 – Curiosity in Learning

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