Vision – Mission

Westminster Academy strives to become a reliable and professional voice and destination in the field of teaching subjects and programs in English for students of all ages and aspirations. In addition to cultivating knowledge, we aim to develop skills and encourage a positive attitude in each student so that students are equipped to become future global citizens of the 21st century.
Westminster Academy’s mission is to help students attending the academy gradually build critical thinking, an independent study spirit and fluent English to ‘fit in and stand out’ – so students are sociable yet still stand out and have their own identity to become a future global citizen.
Core Values

We have set ourselves a rule of the “7 C’s”

Customer satisfaction – Student and parent satisfaction is at our core value.

Code of conduct – We operate based on transparency and a focus on running an ethical environment.

Commitment – We are committed to a professional and friendly learning and working environment, where every student and staff member has an equal opportunity to develop.

Creativity – We are constantly creating, evolving and innovating.

Cultural appreciation – We respect and show appreciation to cultural, linguistic, ethnic, values and cultural differences.

Care – We care about the holistic development of our students.

Community – Community and emphasise making active contributions to our community.