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International academic tutoring and personalized education programs

Westminster Academy was founded by teachers who graduated from top universities around the world, including the London School of Economics and Politics. From our experience of studying abroad, we understand the difficulties of Vietnamese students in the process of overseas school applications. Thus, we at Westminster Academy have researched and developed quality training programs, providing solid guidance and fundamental knowledge for students pursuing an expanding academic career.
We offer programs such as:

Tutorials for GCSE, A Level, IB, SAT, – ACT, AP programs for international students, high quality study in English

Guidance for students to develop strategies for self-development

Consult students strategies to win scholarships to study abroad

Offer courses in English and other skills

Consult individuals who want to begin a start-up educational organisation

Our slogan is – “On the road to success” as we at the academy believe in encouraging students to develop curious and independent minds. We believe in providing a ‘One-Stop Shop’ of educational services and courses so students can put their trust in us to evolve their academic skills as well as emotional intelligence. We want our students to “fit in and stand out”, and utilise their individual talents and integrate themselves to become a future global citizen.

“After every class, I have a story to tell!” – that is our aspiration here at Westminster Academy. We hope to provide students with an educational yet exciting time for students to truly learn and develop their minds rather than simply memorise and recite formulas and lines.

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