What is IB Math? What does the IB Math program include?

2023-06-27 10:31 am
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The IB math program is part of the IB program system. Math IB is divided into many different course words that are easy for students to access. Let’s find out IB math and what course words are included.

What is the International Baccalaureate – IB Program?

Before learning about IB math program, let’s learn about IB. The International Baccalaureate Program or the International Baccalaureate Program for short, IB was established in 1968. This is a pre-university training program for students who wish to access a quality education at the international level.
Learners of the IB program will be equipped with the necessary knowledge to prepare for entering the university environment. The program will be designed to focus on developing four aspects: intellectual, personal, emotional, and soft skills for today’s globalized working environment. Of the four IB programs, high school students will often be interested in the IB Diploma Program (DP) and the Career-related Program.
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What is the International Baccalaureate – IB Program?

What is IB Math?

IB math is known as a subject in the IB system. This subject will cover knowledge of algebra, functions and equations, matrices, vectors, statistical probability, analysis, trigonometry. According to the latest updates, IB Math will be divided into 2 programs including IB Math Analysis & Approaches, IB Math Applications & Interpretation (Application and Interpretation of Mathematics). Each program will be divided into 2 levels SL is standard level (basic) and HL is higher level (advanced).
In addition to the basic theoretical foundations, the IB math program is also related to science subjects but Physics, Chemistry, Biology, .. Learners will no longer be bored with dry theories but will feel easier to understand and more interested in new knowledge. This is a way to help learners access knowledge more easily.
Besides, IB math will help learners study an academic and scientific aspect. This will be a solid foundation for those of you who are following the path of conquering mathematics.
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What is IB Math? What does the IB Math program include?

What does the IB Math program include?

In order to help students easily access and lay down the knowledge of IB math, the program will be divided into many different courses to help students easily choose.

IB Math Analysis & Approaches (AA)

IB Math Analysis and Approaches (AA) is a course focused on developing students’ strong analytical skills and problem-solving abilities. The course is structured around five main areas of study: Algebra, Functions, Geometry and Trigonometry, Statistics and Probability, and Calculus.
Students will learn how to apply mathematical concepts to real-life situations, analyze data, and make predictions. They will also engage in research projects and hands-on investigations to deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts and their applications.
Overall, the IB Math Analysis and Approaches course is designed to challenge students and prepare them for advanced learning in mathematics or related fields. It will equip students with the skills necessary to succeed in a variety of academic and professional settings.
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IB Math Analysis & Approaches (AA)

IB Math Applications & Interpretation (AI)

IB Math Applications & Interpretation (AI) is an important math course in the IB program. This course focuses on developing students’ analytical and problem-solving skills. It covers five main areas: arithmetic, algebra, geometry, probability, and statistics. This course helps students master basic math concepts and methods, as well as prepare them for advanced math courses or other related fields. In order to pass this course, students need to achieve the required minimum score and to get into top universities they need to get even higher score.Apps & Interpretation (AI) Mathematics is hands-on, instructing the practical application of mathematical concepts in the real world – statistics and distributions are the core modules of the course.
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IB Math Applications & Interpretation (AI)

Which textbooks should IB math students refer to?

The IB math course requires learners to develop their thinking ability to be able to solve difficult problems well. Referring to pre-designed textbooks and materials for IB math learners will help learners more easily access the lesson. Please refer to the following courses immediately.
  • Oxford IB Diploma Programme: This is a textbook from Oxford University Press that is very popular with IB students. This course is supported by many IB math teachers and tutors.
  • Haese Publishing House: Haese Publishing’s IB math textbook offers a variety of highly applied exercises. This is also the publisher that publishes Math books for many international programs such as IBO, Cambridge, Australian Curriculum and UK Curriculum.
  • Pearson Publisher: This is a famous book publisher for international shows similar to Haese. Pearson’s IB Math book is also the reference choice of many IB students because of its easy-to-understand presentation and high applicability.

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Which textbooks should IB math students refer to?


Vậy lựa chọn học chương trình nào?

Each IB math program will have different characteristics and will be suitable for the orientation of the learners. To choose the right study program you need to base on your goals:

  • Those of you who want to get into math-oriented disciplines like engineering, machine learning, data science, etc. AA will give them the tools you need.
  • Those of you who are looking for careers where the application of mathematics is more important than theory such as economics, management, medicine, psychology, … then AI is right for you.
  • If you love math and are passionate about exploring and discovering theories, you can choose IB AA math.
  • If you simply want to learn enough, know how to use and apply, you can choose AI


Here’s what you need to know about IB mathand IB-related subjects. Hopefully this information will help you gain more useful knowledge to start the journey to conquer the desired universities.

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