After finishing high school, whether continuing to study at a university in their home countries or abroad, students have to make a decision about what job they will do in the future, and choose a major at University that will allow them to achieve their career goals.

Understanding that this is an important milestone, Ms. Ha Minh and the teachers at Westminster Academy have made career guidance part of the Personal Development Strategy Mentoring program. Students, regardless of their goals, can participate in a career-oriented program with activities such as personality and career tests, meeting role models, internships, ….

What is career guidance? Career guidance is not about directing a person to a specific profession, but it is a process that accompanies each student (mentee)’s development journey to help them understand themselves and the world of work outside.

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Highlights of the career counseling course at Westminster Academy

Our slogan is – “On the road to success” as we at the academy believe in encouraging students to develop curious and independent minds. We believe in providing a ‘One-Stop Shop’ of educational services and courses so students can put their trust in us to evolve their academic skills as well as emotional intelligence. We want our students to “fit in and stand out”, and utilise their individual talents and integrate themselves to become a future global citizen.

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Team of Experienced Teachers

Professionals are well-trained under the American Career Development Association’s program, with rich experience in working with international and domestic organizations.

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Personalised Service

The program is designed to be personalized, students experience one-on-one consultation with an expert instead of taking generic, mass-applied multiple-choice tests/tests.

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Commitment to progress after 3 months

Clear roadmap, well-organized career guidance programs based on scientific theories that have been verified by the international career counseling community.

Reviews by Parents and Students Westminster Academy

Yen Dao (Student) - UBC
I would like to expresses my gratitude to Ms. Ha Minh and the teachers of Westminster Academy for they're continuous support throughout my application process to my favorite school. Ms. Minh and the others at the center was always enthusiastic, providing 24/7 assistance. In particular, Ms. Minh was a great source of inspiration for me, helping me overcome the stress during the IB graduation exams and throughout the preparation of my study abroad documents. Highly recommend!
Yen Dao (Student) - UBC
Cao Dung (Student)
"This is a very useful experience. I am not constrained by just listening to people's judgments. I normally just agree when people say "beautiful" or ugly, but today I have the opportunity to feel more. I not only had a sense of the beauty of each object but also understood the feelings of those working in that profession. Moreover, I realize that professions are not machines. A machine cannot have leftovers, but careers are limitless, every day we create new careers. In short, I enjoyed the activity today."
Cao Dung (Student)