IB core component completion support (TOK and EE)

2023-08-11 03:55 am
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Overview of TOK (Theory of Knowledge):

TOK, short for Theory of Knowledge, is a compulsory subject in the IBDP, accounting for 2 out of the total 3 points when combined with the Extended Essay (EE). It revolves around the central question “How do we know what we know?” TOK helps students analyze the nature, scope, and limitations of knowledge and the process of acquiring knowledge through different subjects. It also encourages students to question the accuracy and reliability of knowledge.

Assessment :Each student must complete two assessments:
– A TOK presentation on knowledge theory (33% of the total marks, scored out of 10).
– An extended essay of 1600 words based on six prescribed knowledge questions (67% of the total marks, scored out of 10).

Overview of EE (Extended Essay):

EE, short for Extended Essay, is a mandatory requirement in the IBDP. It involves writing an independent research essay of 4000 words on a topic chosen by the student.

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