Subject groups in the IBDP

2023-08-07 08:19 am
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Westminster Academy is structured with a “one-stop-shop” model – offers tutoring for a complete range of subjects from international academic programs such as IB, A Level, iGCSE,… along with the comprehensive development of knowledge, skills, and attitudes for students.
The IBDP consists of 6 subject groups, each containing various different subjects (for more details, please refer to the IBO official website):
1. Studies Language & Literature
2. Language Acquistion
3. Individuals and societies
4. Sciences
5. Mathematics
6. Arts

Students will choose 6 subjects from the above 6 groups. The first 5 subjects will be selected from groups 1 to 5, excluding group 6. The 6th subject is a free choice, where students can choose a subject from group 6 or any other subject from the first 5 groups.

It’s important to note that each subject can be taken at either Standard Level (SL) or Higher Level (HL), providing students with the flexibility to choose the level that suits their abilities and interests.

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