English Literature

2023-08-07 07:02 am
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  • The iGCSE English Literature program allows students to read and understand, interpret, and evaluate a variety of literature in English. The program’s content includes plays, prose and poetry from the works of Shakespeare to contemporary literature. The subject helps students experience the enjoyment of perusing each piece of work, fosters imagination, curiosity, explores broader and more universal issues, and cultivates a better understanding of the subject, humans and the world around them.
  • Paper 1
    • Poetry and Prose 50%
  • Paper 2
    • Drama 50%
  • Paper 3
    • Drama (Open Text) 25% & Paper 4 – Unseen 25%
  • Paper 3
    • Drama (Open Text) 25% & Component 5 – Coursework 25%
  • Paper 1
    • Poetry and Prose is compulsory for all students, and may then choose which of the other papers to sit.
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