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2023-08-07 07:00 am
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  • Aim: ​​The GCSE Travel and Tourism program will equip students with skills and insights into the ever-changing and evolving industry of travel and tourism.
  • The curriculum is designed to:
  • Teach basic knowledge about the nature of the domestic, national and international tourism and travel industry
  • Help students understand the concepts and theories used in the industry
  • Guide students to understand the importance of various factors in the industry, including sustainability, customer demands, destination and marketing
  • Improve students’ analytical, interpretive and evaluative writing skills
  • Unit 1
    • The travel and tourism industry
  • Unit 2
    • Features of worldwide destinations
  • Unit 3
    • Customer care and working procedures
  • Unit 4
    • Travel and tourism products and services
  • Unit 5
    • Marketing and promotion
  • Unit 6
    • The marketing and promotion of visitor services
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