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Content: The IELTS is an international English qualification exam founded by the University of Cambridge, British Council, and educational organization IDP in Australia. It is a popular and required certificate for students who wish to study abroad, particularly in Europe and Australasia. The IELTS qualification is highly academic, primarily intended for application in research, academic and professional work in the field of English language and literature. It may also be required upon application to an English-speaking workforce or school.

Currently, the IELTS is one of the most authoritative English certificates in Vietnam.

    • The IELTS includes 4 sections testing Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening skills. Each section and its relative skill includes multiple questions that will make up different tests for the examiner to comprehensively evaluate candidates’ skills. Results are calculated using a score from 0-9 for each section, with the final score being the average score of the 4 skill sections.
  • Information about the IELTS preparatory course:
    • Study Schedule: flexible arrangement according to the timetable of the teachers and students
  • Format:
    • Online study
    • In-person study at the academy
    • In-person study at home
    • Students per class: study 1-1 or in small cohorts of up to 5 students
  • The IELTS preparatory course at Westminster Academy
    • Highly qualified and experienced teaching staff: more than 90% of teachers are graduates of top universities around the world with extensive experience teaching IELTS preparation for the purpose of studying abroad
    • Analyzing to develop a clear learning pathway tailored to each students’ knowledge and learning abilities in order to promote their strengths and improve their weaker skills
    • Diverse learning formats: students study 1-1 or in a small group of up to5 students to ensure equally attentive test preparation and teaching quality
    • Commitment to student progress: students are required to take an entrance and exit test to compare their progress, and the academy will send parents a monthly report on their learning to track their learning progress.


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