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  • The course curriculum is built around four main themes of psychology, which are biology, cognition, learning and society. It also deals with the psychology of anomaly, consumer behaviour , health and institutions.

Content Overview: The AS level program focuses on 12 core research topics illustrated through research methods used in psychology including experiments, observations, self-assessments and case studies. 12 main research topics of the subject:

  • Biological
    • Canli et al. (brain scans and emotions)
    • Dement and Kleitman (sleep and dreams)
    • Schachter and Singer (two factors in emotion)
  • Cognitive
    • Andrade (doodling)
    • Baron-Cohen et al. (eyes test)
    • Laney et al. (false memory)
  • Learning
    • ABandura et al. (aggression)
    • Saavedra and Silverman (button phobia)
    • Pepperberg (parrot learning)
  • Social
    • Milgram (obedience)
    • Piliavin et al. (subway Samaritans)
    • Yamamoto et al. (chimpanzee helping)

Candidates for Cambridge International A Level Psychology study the AS topics (above) and choose 2 out of the following additional topics:

    • Abnormal Psychology
    • Behavioral Psychology
    • Health Psychology
    • Organizational Psychology
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